Your Conformity Chain 

One stop for all conformity services for your products and shipments,  it is a chain to get it all done faster with minmum cost.

Get It Done With Us

Don’t struggle with the requirements to access any market, we made it easy for your team to get it done faster and cost-effective.

Product Testing

Network of laboratories to cover all products and testing scopes. All laboratories are accredited under ISO 17025 standard.

Product/Shipment Certification

Certify your product/shipment for more than 14 countries; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya ..etc  

Experts Consultants

Each product has specific requirements for each specific market. Our experts will examine your product and support you step by step.

We take care of your product, analyze it and examine it and update it with the regulatory changes to keep it ready for shipping to the target market.


We Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Product and your Shipping Process.


Managing Your Product Requirements Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

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